by Rich Krueger

Released 2017
Rockin'k Music
Released 2017
Rockin'k Music
Songs from two full-length albums coming Fall 2017
Rich Krueger was a New Folk Finalist at Kerrville Folk Festival in 2017
"Talented highly distinctive songwriter...cerebral, ironic....Richard Thompsonesque" - Dirty Linen
Overpass Rich Krueger

Four songs from two upcoming & as yet untitled albums

Engineered & recorded by Bill Kavanagh at BobDog Studios, Oak Park IL
Produced by Paul Kotheimer & Rich Krueger
All songs written by RK
All lyrics can be found at www.rockinkmusic.com/songs
Another Unnecessary Art Production | Rockin’k Music International 2017 BMI

RK - acoustic guitars & piano & sangin’
Vence Edmonds - drums
Bill Kavanagh - bass

A Short One On Life 4:19
Seth Lee Jones - slide guitar
Scott Daniels - fiddle

In Between Kingfish 5:05
John Fullbright – accordion
Jay Ansill - celtic harp & violin

Yesterday’s Wrong (Green) 6:17
Rameez Anwar – sarangi
Kalyan “Johnny Bongo” Pathak – tablas, tanpura & kanjira

What We Are 4:28
Issac Lyons - accordion & B3 organ
Alan Burroughs - electric guitar
Scott Daniels – fiddle
Simbryt Dortch Alan Burroughs & Mike Scott – choir

Kerrville, O My Kerrville 4:01
(Hidden Track on CD)

Thanks to:
Dylan Layton for recording Seth Lee Jones in Tulsa,
Jay Ansill for recording himself in PA,
and Jared Tyler for recording John Fullbright in Tulsa.

Special thanks to the countless friends & family who appeared
nearly enthusiastic about doing this

Disc manufactured by Oasis